The proceedings are scheduled to be published in Materials Science Forum after the conference. To reduce the cost, no hard copy of the conference proceedings will be published. The content will be available in full text online at Each contributor of the proceedings will have access to the whole proceedings.

Manuscripts are limited to 8 pages for Plenary talks, 6 pages for Invited talks and 4 pages for Contributed talks (including Oral presentations and Posters) and strictly one paper per presenting author will be accepted.

The manuscript can be prepared by either Microsoft word or Latex. You can find the template for Microsoft word and template for Latex. Every participants should log in on using his personal login and password to submit the manuscript. A checklist for the participants is also available for you to prepare and submit the manuscript.

All authors still retain the right to publish a significantly extended, updated or rewritten version in another journal of their choice.

The submission deadline has been postponed to October 15. After the ending of ICPA-17, an email will be sent to all the participants to show them how to submit the paper. No papers will be accepted after the submission deadline.