Wuhan, as the capital of Hubei Province, is located in the centre of China about 1000 km south from Beijing and by the Yangtze River. Wuhan is the national hub of communications of railway, waterway, highway, airline, and telecommunication. Wuhan is a famous historical and cultural city in China with a history of 3500 years. Yellow Crane Tower is one of the most famous of Four Major Towers in China, is situated on Snake Hill. It was originally built in 223 AD with a history of over 1700 years. Wuhan is one of the scientific and educational centers in China with over 60 universities and about 500 research institutes, which cover all the fields of science and technology.

Transportation to Wuhan is rather convenient. You can take international flight to Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, then change to a domestic flight to Wuhan. There are also direct flights between Wuhan and Osaka, Fukuoka, San Francisco, Moscow, Paris, Singapore, Bangkok, and other cities in the world.

You can also take a high speed train from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou to Wuhan station. But this is not recommended unless you are very familiar with the transportation in China. The transfer from Airport to Railway station in either Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou is not so convenient. The traveling time to Wuhan by train is also much longer (about 5 hours) than the flight (about 2 hours).

Since the conference site is not close to either Wuhan airport or Wuhan station, we will have bus to take every participants from Wuhan station to the conference site on September 19 and September 20. All the participants are kindly requested to collect at the Wuhan station, and the bus will take you to the conference site repeatedly once every few hours. People who arrive in Wuhan by air flight, please take the airport bus to the Wuhan Station. The bus ticket can be bought near the exit of the airport. The bus ticket costs about 37 RMB (6 USD).

Please note that we have three railway stations in Wuhan, and the Wuhan Station is particularly for high speed rail (China Railways Highspeed, CRH).

On September 19, the first bus to the conference site will leave from Wuhan station at 15:00 PM, and the second bus will be around 18:00 PM, the last bus around 21:00 PM or later. On September 20, we will have the first bus at 12:00 AM, and the other three buses follow the same time interval of about 3 hours.

We have reserved one room for the participants to have a rest and wait for the bus at the Wuhan station on September 19 and 20. It is in a coffee bar named C. straits cafe (). There are two entrances for the coffee bar. One is near the arrivals D5 of the station, and is also close to the terminal of the airport bus (at the same floor of the station, and less than 300 m away).

Another entrance of C. Straits cafe is on the opposite side of the coffee bar. Our reserved room is near this entrance.

Please find the arrivals D5 at the east exit of Wuhan station after you get off the airport bus, and enter the C. straits cafe, walk towards the opposite entrance, then you can find the room we reserved for ICPA-17 participants. We will post labels of ICPA-17 somewhere inside the coffee bar.

For participants who come to Wuhan by train, if your terminal is Wuhan station, then come to east exit and find the arrivals D5, you can find the coffee bar easily. If your terminal is Wuchang or Hankou station, you can take subway to Wuhan station. From Hankou station, please take subway No. 2, and change to subway No. 4 at Hongshan square station. From Wuchang station, you just need to take subway No. 4 to go directly to Wuhan station.

We will also have bus to send participants return back to airport or railway station on Sept. 25 and 26. However if you leave the conference before this date, you may need to take taxi to the airport or railway station. The cost of taxi is about 150 RMB (including the fee for high way) to Wuhan station and 350 RMB to Wuhan airport.

Wish every one of you have a pleasant journey. If you have any trouble, please do not hesitate to call us.